Adieu/Hello! Welcome to the Wikiccionari. We're all glad to see you around and hope you can help us improve this dictionary. Good night/bona nuèch, see you! Coralament, Capsot 24 de gen 2008 a 21:46 (UTC)

I'm sure your Gaelic is a zillion times better than mine. I'm really glad to see you around taking care of Dutch. I don't know anything about your language and a few fingers (and a brain obviously...) were sorely needed! Let me know if you think I should intervene in your home wiktionary about Occitan or Catalan, I'll try to understand Dutch, well since it's related to English it shouldn't be as difficult as Gaelic. Again, thanks for coming here! See you! Capsot 24 de gen 2008 a 21:54 (UTC)
You'd be very welcome as nl:. Maybe my language is in a bit stronger position than yours but we are also under pressure from the almighty anglophone language. I think speakers of smaller languages should support each other. Long live diversity!

Jcwf 24 de gen 2008 a 21:57 (UTC)

Sorry, I haven't been able until the moment to use or understand these things. I wanted to use them with Romanian but well I'm not much into computer science things, I gradually learn how to use the widgets but well I'm not a real versed person right now. Wish I could have helped you. Maybe later on...
In Occitan like in most Romance languages you have a dual genre: masculine and feminine. Ex: lo gat (m.), la gata (f) [-a is often a feminine marker], you generally form the plural with an -s. Ex: los gats, las gatas. A diminutive form would be a way to express that the thing modified is small. Ex: un gatet (a small cat or a kitten), una gateta (-et or -on are the most productive suffixes). There are also augmentative formes. Ex: un gatàs (a big tomcat) and una gatassa for a female. I'm not sure this was the reply you expected. Don't worry, my English might be a bit rusty sometimes but I hope it's correct enough... (if it isn't the case, feel free to tell me). It appears to be some good practice too. Well, I'm going to bed right now. Take care and have a great Friday and weekend! See you soon! Keep on doing such a good work!!! Capsot 24 de gen 2008 a 23:13 (UTC)
Good evening, as usual it's good to see you around. Man, I'm really impressed you're going real fast and doing such a great job! I hope you enjoy the place! See you! Capsot 25 de gen 2008 a 21:58 (UTC)
Hi again, well sure, I've been trying to experiment the numerical tables beginning with Ukrainian but I really don't know how to place it since it's eating a lot of room so your knowledge will be welcome (actually it will always be...). By the way, if you think of other improvements, don't be shy about it! See you! Capsot 26 de gen 2008 a 20:14 (UTC)
Hey, don't worry, do as you usually do! I trust your judgment and experience. We'll see later if the whole thing appears too big or messy; if it doesn't it will stay this way!

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Hi, I hope you're doing fine, I've been mighty busy for some days. I hope I'll get some time to take care of this. Hey, don't worry, you did a wonderful and excellent job there, you didn't harm the language and made no offence at all, so keep on doing such a good work! I hope you and your Wiki are doing fine. As soon as I can, I'll try to give you a hand there. Best regards, Capsot 6 de feb 2008 a 12:42 (UTC)

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I hope everything goes well for you. Dank u for your correction and Persian contributions, I have very little time so I'm going way too fast and make terrible mistakes. Have a great summertime! See you! Coralament, Capsot 20 de julhet de 2009 a 06.33 (UTC)


Hi Jcwf, thanks for your work and informations. For Italia, you're rihgt, it was an error that I've corrected (it's a proper noun). Al còp que ven. Amistats.Jiròni 5 d'octobre de 2009 a 09.11 (UTC)


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I Jcwf. Thanks for your great job, it's a good idea and I'm not against, but I've a Unix system (a special one) and I can't installe myself any audio software. But your work is not for nothing, may be we will can find someone able to make theses recordings. I keep you up to date. See you later. Jiròni 1 de junh de 2010 a 11.31 (UTC)