• Je parle français et espagnol, mais je ne parle pas occitan, désolé.
  • Hablo francés y español, pero no hablo occitano, lo siento.
  • Parli francés e espanhòl, mas pas encara occitan, m'es de grèu.
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Welcome/benvengut MartinModificar

Well, we're really glad to have you around. Hope you have fun here and thanks already for your current and future contributions. And don't worry I'm sure you'll get a good command of Occitan pretty soon! Have a nice day and weekend! Take care, adieu! Capsot 9 mai 2009 a 15:55 (UTC)

Sorry, I don't know much about templates, anyway you don't need much worrying since masculine and feminine form just the same way adding a final -s; what's more complicated is having a template for sensitive plurals, that is òs > òsses (a phenomenon similar to English box > boxes actually!). See you! Capsot 9 mai 2009 a 16:34 (UTC)
Hi Mglovesfun and welcome. The template for occitan masculine/ feminine and plurals forms is:
Singular Plural
Masculin [[]]
Femenin [[]]

Regards.Jiròni 9 mai 2009 a 19:20 (UTC)


Hi! Man, I'm really impressed, you've done such a really good (actually... amazing, impressive, mighty good!!!) job. Just wanted to congratulate you, I'm really glad you came here, have a nice day, take care! Capsot 13 mai 2009 a 07:51 (UTC) PD: Which parts do you want us/me to translate?

Occitan's actually not too hard for someone that speaks French and Spanish. Actually I think another user already edited my sub-page, so that's done. I think the Occitan for creation is creazion, or similar? Anyway I'll try and do a bit more later, but I'm also pretty busy today. Mglovesfun 13 mai 2009 a 10:30 (UTC)
Actually, it's creacion, -cion is the usual equivalent term of French -ation. See you and great work! Capsot 14 mai 2009 a 13:06 (UTC)


Hi Martin, I hope you're doing fine and enjoying a fair weather wherever you may be. I just wanted to apologize if any of my comments hurt or displeased you, it was not my intention at all... No offence was meant! I just wanted to tell you I (I think we all...) really appreciated your work here and that you will always be welcome here. Enjoy a great and warm summer! Take care, Capsot 13 de julhet de 2009 a 06.14 (UTC)

No I'm an admin in English now as well (so two languages). Cleaning up all the English nouns here is still on my list, but not at the top! Mglovesfun 13 de julhet de 2009 a 20.33 (UTC)

About hearing Occitan...Modificar

Hi Martin, I hope you're doing fine. I'm really overwhelmed with dialectology things right now but I have some little spare time to answer and try to work on the Wikiccionari. I don't know precisely what you can find on Internet but what I know for sure is one of the best things you can find is: http://ostau-comenges.ifrance.com/ostau-comenges/transocfr.htm where you can listen to some really interesting and good interviews (they're in Gascon). You also can find some radios but it's not really a genuine Occitan (actually it depends on what you're looking for, genuine speech or some kinda standardized Occitan with some variable amount of French influence...): http://www.radio-pais.com/v2/index.php (actually I don't know if you can listen to it via Internet... but Gascon people stick closer to real natural speech and that one would be the most interesting), Ràdio Lengadòc, http://www.radiolengadoc.com (maybe not a very good model when looking for the real thing), and an interesting address where you can find diverse information about the Occitan reality and many links: http://www.laportadoc.eu/. In case that wouldn't be enough or interesting enough, just let me know. Take care and have a great summertime, Capsot 8 d'agost de 2009 a 13.32 (UTC)

Re: BotModificar

Hi, Mglovesfun.

Apparently, Capsot already asked Spacebirdy to grant my bot the bot flag. As there is a bureaucrat here (Utilizaire:Cedric31), I suppose he/she will have to be contacted to perform the operation. If you think you can speed up the process, it would be great indeed. Thanks! Malafaya 27 d'agost de 2009 a 15.59 (UTC)


Hi Mglovesfun, the answer is :

Jiròni 10 de novembre de 2011 a 15.42 (UTC)

I'll try and update the contents of en:Category:oc:Nationalities to reflect this when I have enough time. --Mglovesfun (disc.) 10 de novembre de 2011 a 16.46 (UTC)

What language is this?Modificar

Hi Mglovesfun. Yes this is Provençal Occitan."Courouno" and corona is the same word, but with a different spelling: the "Mistral's norm" (Nòrma mistralenca) is a Provençal orthographic norm based on french phonetics. However the only orthographic norm used at the Occitan Wikipedia is the "classical norm" (Nòrma classica). Jiròni 17 de genièr de 2012 a 18.10 (UTC)

If I were to start a page en:Wiktionary:About Occitan, what would you propose its content be? Surely Mistralian norm words should be included, but perhaps only as variants of Classical norm words. Thoughts? It's very complicated; Occitan is in ways a lot like Old French as there are so many variants for all the words, common words and rare ones. Mglovesfun (disc.) 23 de genièr de 2012 a 15.57 (UTC)

Verb groupsModificar

All is here:

  • Gramatica occitana [1]
  • Conjugason [2]

Jiròni 1 de febrièr de 2012 a 15.04 (UTC)

Use French for the interface when no translation is availableModificar

Please join the discussion. --Nemo bis (discussion) 29 de decembre de 2016 a 19.55 (UTC)